【12.14】Two-Photon Physics: the LEP Legacy--中科院高能所
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【12.14】Two-Photon Physics: the LEP Legacy
2018-12-12|文章来源: |【

Experimental Physics Division (EPD) seminar
Title: Two-Photon Physics: the LEP Legacy
Speaker: Dr. Frédéric Kapusta (CNRS/IN2P3)
Time: 14:00, Friday 14th December 2018
Location: B326 main building
Indico: https://indico.ihep.ac.cn/event/9159/

This will be the place of a short overview of more than 20 years spent on Photon-Photon collisions: real data with DELPHI at LEP and simulated data for the ILC and a future Photon Collider. New measurements and improvements of the understanding of the photon structure are expected from a high energy e+e- collider detector with instrumented low angle forward regions.

About the speaker:
Dr. Frédéric Kapusta is a French physicist from CNRS/IN2P3. He is former member of the Administrative Council of the University Pierre et Marie Curie, member of the International Advisory Commitee of Photon Conferences, former member of the IN2P3 Scientific Council, and current coordinator of the COMET french collaboration. The research activities he has been involved in include:
- Physics of e+e- with the CELLO detector at the PETRA collider (Hamburg) (1979-1989);
- Study of interactions and evidence of jet production in untagged two-photon interactions;
- Study of two-photon interactions with the DELPHI detector at the LEP collider (CERN) (1990- 2003) and creation of the corresponding analysis group in the DELPHI collaboration;
- Studies for a Future Linear Collider (since 1991);
- Studies for a Photon Linear Collider : luminosity measurement and 4 leptons production;
- Simulations and study of a Silicon Envelope for a detector at a Future Linear Collider;
- Test bench and beam tests to characterize microstrips silicon detectors;
- JINR 2008 Prize for Two Photon Physics at LEP;
- Study of diffractive physics at the LHC with LHCb and luminosity measurement (2008-2010).


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